Student Rights

All PIBU students have the right to: A copy of the documents describing the college accreditation, licensing and/or approvals. Information about PIBU programs, instructional and other physical facilities, faculty, and information relating to professional and job placement rates. Information concerning the cost of attendance. Information on the refund policy for students who withdraw. Information on student grievance and resolution processes .Information as to who Admissions and Financial Services personnel are, where they are located, and how to contact them. Information concerning the procedures and deadlines for submitting applications for each available scholarship program. Information concerning how scholarship recipients are selected by the different programs. Information concerning how a student’s scholarship eligibility is determined. Information on how much of the financial need, as determined by the college, has been met. Information concerning each type and amount of assistance in each student’s scholarship package. Know their academic advisor. Information concerning the college’s policies regarding attendance, dress, tardiness, and testing. Fair, equal non-discriminatory treatment from all college personnel. Access to their student records. Freedom of academic expression. Information concerning the college’s academic and administrative policies.

Student Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of each PIBU student to: Abide by the college student code of conduct. Read, understand, and keep copies of all forms they are given. Review and consider all information about the college’s program prior to enrollment. Understand the college’s refund policy which is clearly stated on the enrollment agreement and in this catalog. Read the contents of the Application for Admission carefully. Purchase or otherwise furnish books and supplies. Maintain college property in a manner that does not deface, destroy or harm it. Return library books in a timely manner and pay any fines that may be imposed. Obtain required educational and financial clearances prior to graduation. Comply with all campus safety and parking regulations.

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