A course(s) may be said to be outstanding if a student fails to write the examination he/she has registered for on grounds of illness or other conditions that may have prevented the student from writing the examination. Appropriate authorities must be duly informed of such outstanding course(s). A carry over course is that which the student has written and failed. The course is then carried over to the immediate subsequent semester in the following session.


(i) The General Education course is compulsory for all registered students.

(ii) All registered students must submit a supervised project before graduation. The project may be written in the areas of Education or any of the student’s major courses. (This is without prejudice to long essays or seminar paper that may be required by some departments or in some subjects areas).Three copies of such projects, typed, double-spaced and bound (hard covers) must be submitted by each student before graduation.

(iii) Teaching Practice is compulsory for all students and it must last for a minimum of twelve weeks. It is undertaken at 300 level, while at the 200 level, student engage in micro-teaching and visits to schools.

(iv) All registered students must enroll for and pass minimum of three General Studies Courses before graduation. Out of the three Language and Communication Skills and Citizenship Education are compulsory for all students.
(v) Industrial Attachment or SIWES is compulsory for all students in the School Vocational Education, Theater Art, Computer, Science and Music department.

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