In entrepreneurial Management department, we have always believed that every man is a product of his decisions. Therefore, not every future requires a crystal ball. We can accurately predict the future of a man by the decisions he makes today.
Of course, the best decision anybody can make is to educate himself. That is because every notable achievement has been proven to have had a correlation with some sort of education. Deciding to be an entrepreneur is the best thing. When you combine that decision with getting a degree in entrepreneurial management in Poma University, then you are already on your way to unleashing your full potentialities. It is something we describe as getting the best of both worlds.
As a student, it’s not just about getting a desired degree but also about where you are getting it from. Our own students are trained to be truly self-reliant, and are contributors to the economy. They are raised here to learn to raise questions that in turn become solutions to other people’s questions. It is because we have discovered that the quality of our lives are in direct proportion to the questions we are either asking or not.
Therefore, we advise you to make a decision today that will transform your career path in a positive way. You will not only be grateful you are self-reliant but that you are also a problem solver. We will drill you, yes. But you will get better for it. We do that because we already know you have a leader’s gene inside you, and our own job is to bring that out through practical-based, theoretical education. And, to us, that is the original intention of education.
If starting and running your own business is a dream you have always treasured, it is why this department is created. If helping established organisations keep their relevance by creating more ventures is what makes you feel fulfilled, here is one course that will get you there. Whatever, your dreams are, we can help you turn it to reality.

When educating the minds of our students, we must not forget to educate their hearts.
The student affairs is the administrative unit charged with helping students with various aspects of their college experience. The citadel institution of learning as a complex organizations require stable leadership and proper monitoring in other to exist within the larger context of the university setting as well as to manage the department and to assist the students with diverse needs and interest.

Here in Poma University, taking care of our students academic life is our priority, cultism does not exist, and will make sure all sort of social problems that normally hinder students academic performance that normally happens to Nigerian students has never happen here in Poma University.

In student affairs department we are also committed to educating students to apply theory, knowledge, skill, and research in culturally diverse environments.

In Poma university, as part of our students programme of study, student will obtain academic course work and fully supervised by experienced lecturer from various departments the experience will allow them to seek appropriate state credentialing in their chosen profession.

Student affairs department as a very close tiers to the student we needs to provide service and support for the student and drive student learning outside of the classroom and institution of higher education

Student affairs department, are also academic support staff, wish thier responsibility is to make an attempt to make a meaningful impact through living learning experiences, student organization involvement; intramurals and fitness classes, tutoring, career advising mentoring and volunteering.

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