In a span of just 15 years, PU Alumni has grown to span the globe to include eminent members of legislative, executive and judicial bodies of many countries, Top class bankers, industrialists, business executives, academics, publishers, veterans, journalists and other categories of civil servants. PU Alumni is a testimony to the validity and authenticity of PU Educational Policy, Approach and philosophy. Based on the tested and proven principal of functional literacy, practical and positive application of the power of knowledge to solve human economic and social problems regardless of its complexity and dimension. PU Educational Approach has continued to attract attention and excite interests from people and government worldwide.

The POMA  University Alumni Association exists to support the Alumni of PU worldwide. All alumni are eligible to join; along with former staff and friends of the academy in addition PU is a focus for the land-raising and development activities of the University in developing new programs, scholarships and outreach activities and for healthy interchange of ideas and cooperation among members worldwide in various field of human condition. Its alumni become a distinctive group of world citizens with the means to become effective change agent within their communities.


Benefits of joining the PUAA include:
• Become part of a dynamic educational organization.
• Expand your network of friends and contacts as world citizen.
• Attend the POMA  University worldwide.
• Convocation (times and venues to be advised)
• Attend regional and local meetings and the events they organize.
• Develop leadership skills through responsibilities in local and regional chapters.
• Receive a discount on further studies at POMA  University study.
• Help disadvantaged people benefit from the opportunities of University study.

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