There is Brilliant, qualified and well read local and international professors and scholars are available.
There is low tuition fee and scholarship for students with good academic performance
Variety of programme and courses is fully accredited
Poma University is fully recognised by Govt. of Republic of Benin and Nigeria.
NYSC is guaranteed after graduation
Trusted and credible institution of Higher Learning.
International Excursion and Exposure is encouraged.
To improve your technical skills, credit transfer and time management verifiable degree certification, from the Poma University and the ministry of Education.
Academic and professional advise for students after graduation.

The students come in contact with the best lecturer and interact with then
The lecturers and student have one on one interaction
They develops mutual respect
It helps to overcome the fear of the opposite gender
There is healthy competition
There is no space for discrimination
There is team building activities among students of various colloges
There exist between each student mutual respect and understanding of both sexes

1) Registered and accredited as number one (1) English speaking university (Anglophone) by Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research (Republic of Benin)
2) Recognised by NUC, Federal Ministry of Education, NYSC (Nigeria), Board of Quality Standard (Dominica) European, Association of International Education (Netherland), Association of Africa Universities (Ghana), Int’l Academic & Management Association (India) and International Association of Universities (France)
3) Receive accredited and recognised international degree certificate and become chartered certified in your field of study from any one of our affiliated professional bodies
4) Become an Associate/Fellow member of our recognised international professional bodies
5) Share experience with other international students from Africa, America, Europe, Asia, middle East etc.
6) Verifiable degree certificate from the university and the ministry of education
7) International Exposure and Excursion
8) Study at your own Convenient Pace, Country, Time
9) Automatic institution alumnus
10) Academic and professional advise after graduation
11) Trusted and credible institution of higher learning
12) Low tuition fee and scholarship
13) Variety of programmes and courses fully accredited
14) Career advancement and support
15) Improve your technical skills, credit transfer and time management
17) A well constructed academic building conducive for learning and clean environment and atmosphere.
18) Brilliant, qualified and well read local and international professors and scholars
19) Colourful matriculation and convocation ceremony
20)Students and lecturers from all part of the world Etc.

POMA University

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New Address: No 11, Ifelaja Road, Dalemo, Alakuko, Lagos
Tel: ( +234) 7042577755, (+234) 9022935405

Africa Campus:
P.O.Box 75, Ifangni, Igolo, Republic of Benin.


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