We are driving with the followings;
1. To Provide International training in research for those whose future careers will lie in teaching and research at university level, and for those who may have to operate in research and development situations in public or private sectors

2. Foster, through instruction, a deeper understanding of key concepts and an increasing ability to apply fundamental ideas to new problems in the students. The student in the Postgraduate School must, therefore, be made to realize quite early that intellectual growth and subsequent success are directly related to the depth of command of basic principles and ability to apply those principles. Hence, although postgraduate studies are usually associated with a high degree of specialization, such specialization must be achieved in the context of extending mental horizons, producing new orientations, and developing a depth of understanding in the relevant discipline

3. We are dedicated to ensuring you have the skills, emotional intelligence and creativity necessary to adapt to a constantly-evolving world and its technology.

POMA University

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