In line with our mission to provide the highest standard of tertiary education and produce highly versatile graduates and entrepreneurs, we offer a range of programs in Science and Technology, Engineering, Social Science, Arts, Medical Science, Law, Management and Administration. We are also constantly adding new courses. Please visit this page often for new information.

Below is a list of accredited PIBU Departments and links to the course outlay:
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Law, Engineering & Sciences
Faculty of Management, Art & Social Science
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Pure Science
Faculty of Social Science
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Management
Faculty of Education
Accreditation Status
As a university, Poma is has received accreditations and have membership from both local and internationally recognised bodies. Below are a few of them:
Accreditation by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (Republic of Benin)
Recognition by the Federal Ministry of Education (Nigeria)
The National University Commission (Nigeria)
Recognized by the National Youth Service Corps (Nigeria)
Accredited by the International Board of Quality Standard (Republic of Dominica)
Recognition by the International Academic and Management Association (India)
Member of Association of Africa Universities (Ghana)
Member of Europe Association of International Universities (Netherland)
Recognized by International Association of Transactional itUniversities (Dominica)

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