Tradition of Pursuing Educational Excellence

PIBU University maintains a steadfast, unconditional commitment to academic excellence at all levels of education. PIBU is dedicated to the holistic development of students and to the production of graduates who can anticipate and respond effectively to the changing world. Accordingly, the University affirms the vital role of diverse perspectives in helping students to develop their own knowledge and ability to evaluate claims critically.

An education from the PIBU will help you develop skills for success in any arena. You’ll learn how to evaluate and synthesize information, solve complex problems, reason cogently and communicate effectively. The administration, faculty, staff and students share responsibility for fostering a climate that is favorable to the free exchange of ideas and to the examination of conflicting ideas and interpretations using generally accepted disciplinary standards of inquiry.

Organization and Platform

PIBU organization structure and operations has been planned and established to offer a number of dynamic academic programs in different delivery formats and platforms. In order to facilitate the learning progress and to ensure students’ academic success, the University has developed and executed a comprehensive strategic plan that will accommodate resident, distance learning/online, hybrid and research. The organization of the University reflects the University commitment to differentiate the distance/online and resident academic programs for maximum efficiency and academic quality. The University utilizes the service of highly qualified educators and researchers to direct different aspects of the academic offerings.


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