University Education is a Catalyst for socioeconomic development, industrial growth and instrument for empowering the poor, the weak and voiceless. Education enhances group solidarity. With an objective of socioeconomic development, PU initiated a movement in 2007 it was known as POMA INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ACADEMY and recognized by civil societies as a philanthropic organization to educate the poor and voiceless. In 2010, the name was changed to POMA  UNIVERSITY when it was authorized and accredited by the government of Republic of Benin.
PU has extended to other developed countries in the world. Today PU is leading open international academic centre. PU is a self-governed community of scholars. The University comprises of various Colleges, Departments, Faculties, Schools and Professional Institutions.
PU is fully accredited by the Board of Quality Standard (Common Wealth of Dominica), Accreditation syndicate for Training and Education (United Kingdom), International Academic Management Association (India), Association of African Universities (Ghana), European Association for International Education (Netherlands), Cambridge Association for Managers (UK), Oxford Association of Management (UK).

POMA University

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New Address: No 11, Ifelaja Road, Dalemo, Alakuko, Lagos
Tel: ( +234) 7042577755, (+234) 9022935405

Africa Campus:
P.O.Box 75, Ifangni, Igolo, Republic of Benin.


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