i.Candidates’ first point of contact with the college is the Admission Office. The candidates’ credentials would be checked vis-à-vis the course requirement of each candidate to determine their suitability for the course. Candidates are to present originals of their credentials for verification and submit a photocopy of each of the credentials which qualify them for admission for retention by the Admissions Office.
Candidates are then given Registration package which contains the following:
a.Course Registration Form
b.Student Personal Form
c.Student Medical Examination Form
Students are to complete their sections of these forms and then take them to appropriate designated officers for cross- checking and signing.
ii.Students are to proceed to the Bursary and pay school fees.
iii.Students are to proceed to ICT Centre for online Registration.
iv.Students are to proceed to their respective Schools with their letters of provisional admission for further verification and authentication of their eligibility for registration of course. Thereafter, eligible Students should be given the appropriate forms which must be duly completed by the students and cross-checked by the School Officer who will then endorse the form after cross-checking.
v.Eligible Student shall proceed to Students Affairs Office for allocation into Hostel and other formalities.
vi.After complying with the four stages above the students will come back to the Admission Office and submit a copy of the duly completed and authenticated verification form.

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