PIBU is a recognized international higher learning institution in Dubai, Switzerland, Germany and the Republic of Benin. Poma International Business University is internationally recognized and accredited by the various recognized government and private accreditation bodies. Meanwhile, the processing of other government and private accreditations and recognitions are still ongoing. PIBU has signed official agreement with many world renowned, accredited and recognized government and private universities for dual degree certifications at all levels.

1. POMA INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS UNIVERSITY is an international Institution authorized by the government of the Republic of Benin (Authorization No: 318/MESRS/CAB/DC/SGM/DPP/DGES/DEPES/SA) to establish a University. PIBU also collaborates with various foreign universities to award dual degree certification in various field of studies.
2. PIBU is also registered with Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria.
3. PIBU is a full member of Association of African Universities (AAU).
4. Accreditation Syndicate for Education and Training (ASET)
5. Board of Quality Standards (BQS)
6. International Academic and Management Association (IAMA)
7. European Association for International Education (EAIE)
8. Oxford Association of Management (UK)
9. Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership (CIML) (USA)
10. Cambridge Association of Managers (UK)
11. Quality Assurance Commission (UK)
12. Ministry of Education (Republic of Benin)
13. International Association of Transnational Universities (IATU)

POMA University

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New Address: No 11, Ifelaja Road, Dalemo, Alakuko, Lagos
Tel: ( +234) 7042577755, (+234) 9022935405

Africa Campus:
P.O.Box 75, Ifangni, Igolo, Republic of Benin.

Emails: info@pomaacademy.org, info@pomauniversity.ng
Websites: www.pomaacademy.org, www.pigschoolsportal.org, www.pibuconsortiumltd-edu.org

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